Here are some answers to questions we get:

What’s your feeding/water/cleaning policy?

Cats are fed twice a day unless requested otherwise.

Water is from our well and it's changed regularly. Litter boxes are cleaned and filled with organic litter twice daily at a minimum.

It is recommended that your cat(s) is/are fed the same diet they receive at home. Switching your pet's diet may cause problems and unnecessary stress for your pet.

If you prefer to use our provided food that is free of charge note your cat may have some mild stomach upset the first few days.

  • If providing your own pet's food ~ please bring it in a hard sided container with a lid or the original bag with your pet's name, and feeding amounts clearly stated on the side. Please no zip lock plastic bags.
  • We ask that if you are providing your own cat's food that you bring enough for their stay and a little extra....just in case you are delayed in your return.

Are there required shots or medical contact info?

Current rabies and distemper vaccines are required. Leukemia is suggested but not required. If you are seeking an exception to this policy you must have a vet's recommendation.

Please bring emergency contact information with you.

What are your charges for administering meds?

  • Pills: $1 each time given ~ We provide pill pockets
  • Meds  for Ears, Eyes and Skin $2.00 per application
  • Injections: $4.00 each
  • Bandage change: $8.00 per bandage + supplies

Medically Fragile/Geriatric Pets:  Geriatric pets and those with significant medical problems can stay but our team will need to be informed in advance of all conditions and factors of your pet's condition that can affect your pets stay. When the Catmandu Retreat team agrees to take in your medically fragile pet, additional contracts are required.

What should I bring with me?

Please know that with the exception of medications, special diets, updated vaccination certificates... it is not necessary for you to bring items from home unless you choose to do so. We do provide your pet with bedding, clean litter, and toys while they are with us. If, however, you wish to bring some personal items we cannot be responsible for any damage or loss to your pet's belongings.

The following are some guidelines that we respectfully request you adhere to:

Toys: We have toys  that we are happy to provide. All have been cleaned & sanitize for your cat's safety. If you want to bring favorite toys from home, we ask that they are all clean and marked with your pet's name.

Bedding: We can provide all of the necessary bedding for your pet. We have a variety of different styles of beds to accommodate the different needs of our guests. If you choose to bring bedding from home we ask that  it be newly washed and clearly marked with your pet's name.

Medication: Should your cat require medication during their stay, it must be in the pharmacy container, labeled with your name, your cat’s name, the type of medication, and the dosage by the prescribing veterinarian.

Food & Treats: Food should be in a hard-sided container or the original bag labeled with your pet’s name, your last name, meal portion ( US standard measure ~ like 1/2 cup), and frequency.